Nano-b Charcoal and Gold – Best Health Breakthrough 2015

Nano-b Charcoal and Gold – Best Health Breakthrough 2015

Mar 30, 2015Dave Coggins

We are happy and honoured to announce that on March 20th 2015, our very own antibacterial toothbrush Nano-b Charcoal and Gold was awarded “Best Health Breakthrough” by The Beauty Shortlist Awards in the category “Best New Health Devices and Nutritional Products”. The award was voted by the Beauty Shortlist panel of independent and respected jury.

The Beauty Shortlist Awards

The Beauty Shortlist is one of the best and most prestigious UK beauty blogs. It is in the top 3 of the Cison blog ranking and is famous for its honest and intelligent product reviews. It is also best-known for the annual Beauty Shortlist Awards which celebrate the most diverse and deserving brands in the beauty industry.

Their panel of judges consists of some of the most respected names in the UK beauty industry. They look for the best health and beauty brands in the UK and distinguish only the best from a fearsomely competitive field.

The Importance of the Category

Our toothbrush Nano-b Charcoal and Gold won in the category “Best Health Breakthrough”. This category distinguishes the best new health devices and nutritional products and is aiming to find the most innovative and health promoting products in the UK.

We are more than happy to be recognized specifically in this category as the health and well-being of our customers is our top-priority and the main reason our company was created. This award serves as another proof we are going in the right direction and establishes even more the fact that the Nano-b toothbrushes are fulfilling their mission of helping its customers live better, more fulfilling lives.

Our Proud Winner

The respected jury choosing the awards is searching in all categories for the products that meet a series of important criteria. The winners must combine innovation, effectiveness and beautiful design.

Nano-b Charcoal and Gold delivers handsomely in all aspects. It’s indeed a toothbrush worthy of such prestigious award.

Merging the natural antibacterial properties of gold with the natural whitening qualities of bamboo charcoal, Nano-b Charcoal and Gold makes sure it gives the best of both the beauty and health world. The gold nano-particles in its bristles take care of your health by keeping your toothbrush free of bacteria, while also protecting your sensitive teeth and gums with its gentle, rounded bristles. The bamboo charcoal takes care of stained, discolored teeth and cleans and whitens teeth in a natural and effective way.

Our Responsibility

We accept this award as a responsibility more than anything else. We are fully committed to continue to offer the best in personal oral care and to continue to take care of your health and well-being. We’ll keep searching for the latest innovations in the field and the best ways to take care of your most important oral care concerns.

This award will motivate us to work even harder and it won’t stray us away from what is really important. After all, our biggest reward will always be the happiness of our customers and we’ll never stop working on delivering on our promises.

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