About Us

Our company, OraGuard Ltd, was created 9 years ago in London, UK as a reflection of our desire to add more value to the world. We chose oral care as our main focus, because of its great importance to our wellbeing and because brushing our teeth is the most widely practiced healthy habit on the planet. This would potentially allow us to have the greatest impact on people’s lives all over the world.

When developing new products, we look for unresolved problems and health dangers that lurk in our supposedly friendly everyday oral care products. Once we identify such problems the next step is simple - create innovative, high-quality, beautifully designed products, that solve them effectively.

For the creation of our products, we draw inspiration from nature, science and beauty. We try our best to never settle for mediocrity and to create products that far exceed people’s expectations. All our products are created as a continuation of our values and our desire to live in a more beautiful, healthier, safer world.

The Nano-b toothbrush was our first big success in this endeavour. We’ve helped people on 6 continents have healthier smiles (come on Antarctica, you are missing out on all the fun) and we’ve shipped our products to more than 58 countries around the world.

We are committed to continue our quest, because we truly believe it makes a real positive difference. We keep hearing our customers saying their teeth feel cleaner, healthier, that their gums stop bleeding, and this keeps us going strong. We’ll continue to use our company as an opportunity to imprint positive impact onto the world. We’ll continue to help others be healthier and closer to nature.

Happy Brushing!

The Nano-b Team