Natural Teeth Whitening with Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

Natural Teeth Whitening with Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

Apr 23, 2015Dave Coggins

What Bamboo Charcoal is and How it is Made

Even If you don’t know much about bamboo charcoal, you’ve probably heard one thing – it’s really special. When most people hear the word charcoal they instantly think “barbeque”, but there is a whole world of wonders beneath its black surface.

Charcoal is created through a special heating process that removes non-carbon materials from the plant, in this case bamboo. Water and organic compounds are removed, so what is left is the charcoal and its amazing properties.

The most unique one is its astonishing surface area to mass ratio. One gram of bamboo charcoal has up to 600 square meters of surface area! This gives it an astonishing ability and capacity to attract and hold a wide range of chemicals, toxins and other harmful substances.

And because there are so many little spaces for those elements to go into, even the smallest particle of bamboo charcoal can attract and retain a much higher volume of pollutants than you can imagine!

Don’t worry if all of this sounds too scientific and complicated! What really matters is how the amazing properties of the bamboo charcoal we put on the Nano-b Charcoal&Gold toothbrush can benefit you.

Health Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal

The beneficial properties of bamboo charcoal are countless. It has been used for centuries in Asia for its medical and health-promoting powers.

Its unique properties make it one of the best natural air and water purifiers. Its porous structure allows it to absorb and filter odors, harmful chemicals, toxins, and all sorts of impurities. It absorbs a very wide range of organic and inorganic substances andthe best part is it’s completely natural and safe for your health.

It’s fair to say bamboo charcoal is the king of the charcoal world. Its surface area is three times bigger and its absorption rate four times stronger than regular charcoal. This makes bamboo charcoal one of the best natural materials at collecting harmful substances and when we put it on your toothbrush it works wonders for your teeth and gums.

How Our Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush Helps YouGet Healthy Teeth

When it’s on your toothbrush bamboo charcoal retains all of its amazing properties. Combined with the natural antibacterial protection of the gold nano-particles in Nano-b Charcoal&Gold, and alongside the superior cleaning powers of the Nano-b toothbrush, you get a first-class care for your mouth.

First, it absorbs and removes all sorts of dangerous compounds – bacteria, plaque, germs, and toxins.Nano-b thoroughly removes all of them to keep your teeth and gums healthy. This ensures complete protection from tooth decay and other common dental problems, as accumulation of plaque is the number one cause of most of them.

Health and Beauty with Bamboo Charcoal

When we created the Nano-b toothbrushes, we wanted to give you more than just healthy teeth. In a world where appearance and self-confidence are more and more important, we wanted to give you a toothbrush that helps in that aspect as well. After all, we all want fresh breath and a beautiful, sparkling smile!

Here again, the bamboo charcoal excels with its unique, natural teeth whitening properties. In addition to all of the health benefits mentioned above, it also absorbs stains and impurities from your teeth, making them cleaner, smoother and whiter.

Even if this wasn’t already enough, Nano-b Charcoal&Gold works wonders against bad breath as so much of the bacteria, odours and impurities that cause bad breath are absorbed while you brush your teeth. The plaque, harmful bacteria and toxins that Nano-b removes form your mouth are one of the main causes of bad breath, so by brushing regularly with Nano-b you’ll feel much more confident that your breath is clean and fresh.

Even after the very first brushing, you will be able to feel the difference on your teeth. They’ll feel clean and smooth! All you have to do is keep brushing every day to get the sparkling smile you’ve always wanted.

Perfect Teeth With the Help of Nature

In creating the Nano-b toothbrushes we wanted to use not only the best available technologies, but also to use natural elements as much as possible. Hence, the amazing powers of bamboo charcoal made it an obvious choice for us. It’s 100% natural and safe to use. It’s also completely beneficial to your health.

The same is valid for the genuine gold particles we combine with the bamboo charcoal. All of this makes of Nano-b Charcoal&Gold a toothbrush so amazing, you’d really need to try it to believe it!

Happy Brushing!

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