The Best Halloween Treat for Healthy Teeth

The Best Halloween Treat for Healthy Teeth

Oct 31, 2016Eleonora Avramova
Eat some pumpkin seeds,
grow some healthy teeth

 The fall has arrived. Hot drinks warm our hands, the smell of pumpkin pie fills the air and the chance to wear our favorite sweater is what makes the season our favorite. Halloween is also a big part of the fun this season.

You know how we like to geek about healthy teeth and discover new ways to make smiles healthier. Unfortunately, while spiced lattes and pies are a soul comforter, our teeth are screaming for something a bit healthier. And while restaurants and coffee shops offer seasonal pumpkin temptations that are bad for our oral health, we present you a seasonal treat for healthy teeth without ditching the pumpkin - This month’s special is...pumpkin seeds.  


It turns out pumpkin seeds are one of the healthiest snacks out there with scientifically proven health and beauty benefits. A daily dose of them would soothe sensitive teeth, strengthen the enamel and prevent long-term decay. This is an ideal treat for those who look for a natural way to improve their oral health.

 Nutritionists discovered that a 50g serving of pumpkin seeds contains 61% of the daily recommended dose of phosphorus. Phosphorus is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth and bones because it repairs muscle tissue, damaged cells and maximizes the bone-strengthening benefits of calcium and vitamin D. It’s no surprise pumpkin seeds can do wonders for our teeth.

As you know, a diet rich in sugars is one of the main causes of tooth decay. Fortunately, pumpkin seeds are one of the few sugar-free snacks that you can munch on this season. They are also rich in essential nutritional minerals like zinc and selenium.  These minerals help develop stronger bone density and make them more resistant to acidic foods.

Zinc is considered an anti-plaque agent and is actually added to some toothpaste to prevent buildup. But that is his secondary purpose, a bonus to his primary job - to help healing wounds. That’s how pumpkin seeds help to speed up the healing of damaged soft tissues inside the mouth.

 If that is not convincing enough for you, here are some more benefits of pumpkin seeds. There are some extremely important fatty acids within them that leave a feeling of being full longer and reduces sugar cravings. That same 50g serving we mentioned above, also contains 36% of the daily recommended dose of magnesium, which helps develop efficient protein synthesis and improves jaw density.

Finally, we came up with some tasty ways to add pumpkin seeds to your diet.

Replace regular cooking oil with pumpkin seeds oil so you can gain all of the health benefits and give your dishes an exciting new taste that keeps up with the season spirit.

You can, of course, have them as a daily snack and spice them up differently every day. Try adding honey or cinnamon, that’s how we like to enjoy them most of the time. Or you can add butter and cajun spices, as well as teriyaki sauce and have a killer party snack.

So, if your Halloween costume this year doesn’t match with naturally scary teeth, go get some pumpkin seeds!

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