Healthy Valentine Treats: 5 Ideas for Sweet Tooth Cravings

Healthy Valentine Treats: 5 Ideas for Sweet Tooth Cravings

Feb 11, 2018Bold Apps

Every year in the middle of February or 14th to be exact people around the world show their loved once how much they love and appreciate them by exchanging floral bouquets, gifts, even writing poems. There’s no doubt that February is seen by many as the month of love and the main culprit of that perception is Valentine’s Day. Except drinking wine in candlelight, the festive tradition includes sharing a heart-shaped box of chocolate and other sugary treats. In a previous article, we’ve already mentioned how much damage can sugars cause to your dental health. But we don't want to spoil the experience around the festive occasion and so we’ve put together a list for you with some alternative ideas for healthy and at the same time delicious treats to enjoy with your partner.

Heart-Shaped Fruit Kebabs

Not only will their aesthetic look attract your attention and increase your appetite, but rainbow fruity skewers also make a delicious and wholesome treat. Strawberry slices resemble hearts when cut lengthwise. You can carve heart shapes out of the other fruit slices like banana, apples, kiwi, pear, even carrots, etc. All of the listed are rich in vitamins which is why they appear in our ranking of top 30 best foods for your teeth and gums. If you want to create an even more romantic atmosphere, try feeding each other.

Two simple tips:

  •         Make sure you are using ripe fruits. You might need to get it several days in advance in order to allow it to ripen first.
  •         To prevent apples, pears, and bananas from turning brown once you’ve chopped them, add some lemon juice.

Strawberries Covered With Chocolate

Although chocolate contains a lot of sugar, it is one of the best candies for teeth simply because it dissolves instantly. Hence, the contact between the food particles and the teeth does not last long enough to do as much damage, especially if you have your mouth washed with a glass of fresh water afterwards. Moreover, a study carried out at Osaka University of Japan suggests that thanks to its main ingredient (cocoa bean) chocolate can help prevent tooth decay and fight mouth bacteria. Some researchers even assume that cocoa might be one of the future components of mouthwash due to its antibacterial effects. This is what makes chocolate covered strawberries a great Valentine’s Day treat! Both delicious and (relatively) nutritious!

Disclaimer: Although chocolate is proven to be less harmful than many other sugary foods, dentists still recommend maintaining good oral health by brushing and regular check-ups rather than only eating chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Candies

Besides a range of other health benefits, dark chocolate has also been known for its effectiveness in fighting tooth decay. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, this special food prevents the bacteria from turning into destructive acids by acting as a sort of antibacterial compound. It also fights periodontal disease. But the profits coming from dark chocolate do not stop here. One of the ingredients – cocoa butter manages to cover your teeth and to prevent plaque from sticking to them. We recommend combining it with oranges or you can simply get one with the orange filling.

Chocolate-Filled Raspberries

After proving the good properties of chocolate for your dental health, we will present to you our next suggestion. A perfect delicacy for Valentine’s Day can be chocolate-filled raspberries. All you have to do is fill the cavity of a raspberry with tiny, dark-chocolate chips and what you get is a fantastic treat to share with your partner.

Chocolate-dipped frozen banana bites

Our last suggestion for a tasty and relatively healthy sweet combination will be creamy, dreamy frozen chocolate bites. Easy to “cook” and delightful to consummate, all you need for the preparation of this recipe is:

  • one firm but ripe banana
  • one cup dark chocolate chips 
  • one tablespoon and a half coconut oil 
  • ¼ cup white chocolate chips (find one with cocoa butter in the ingredients).
     Wondering if bananas actually have a positive effect on your teeth? Well, firstly, with a pH value of 4.5-5.5, bananas have exceptionally low levels of acidity compared to other fruits, which makes them a reliable choice for healthy teeth as the chance of enamel erosion is minimal. Secondly, thanks to the peel which is rich in three minerals (potassium, magnesium, and manganese), the tropical fruit possesses whitening qualities, as it is proven to remove stains and keep your teeth brighter. And lastly, bananas contain calcium and vitamin D – essential for maintaining strong and healthy teeth.

Keep these teeth-friendly sweet options in mind, as you plan the perfect celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day. What you definitely have to remember when it comes to sugary treats is that hard candies, gummies, and caramels have the worst impact on your teeth. By sticking in between teeth gummies and caramels especially cause more opportunity for tooth decay. In case you are struggling to resist those harmful treats, we recommend brushing your teeth after eating them or at least drinking a glass of water.

+1 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

As you may already know, we at Nano-b utilize the natural antibacterial properties of gold, silver and bamboo charcoal in the production to reduce bacteria count on your toothbrush and keep your mouth healthier. And this Valentine’s we offer you a special Cosmic Love Bundle so you can show a loved one how much you appreciate their smile! Each Cosmic Love Bundle includes 2 Nano-b Toothbrushes, whereas you can choose the bristle type (Silver or Gold & Charcoal) and the colours (Blue, Crystal, Green, Pink) and 1 Nano-b Organic Toothpaste. It is suitable for every couple in the universe. Do not hesitate - grab the Cosmic Love Bundle until 15th of February and add out of this planet smiles to the celebration!

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