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Solving real problems

The Global Pandemic of 2020 has brought to consumers’ attention the invisible threats of the world of bacteria and viruses.

Today, we pay more attention to sanitization - both personal and product wise.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that the average toothbrush can harbour millions of pathogenic bacteria on its bristles, causing various oral health issues.

Nano-b antibacterial toothbrushes eliminate the need to sanitize your toothbrush, by harnessing the powerful antibacterial properties of gold and silver.

Each Nano-b bristle is impregnated with thousands of micro particles of the precious metals, effectively inhibiting bacteria growth after daily use.


About Nano-b

Our product portfolio contains beautiful antibacterial toothbrushes designed to keep your teeth and gums healthy with bristles impregnated with either 99,9% pure edible gold and bamboo charcoal or silver particles.

Nano-b is an U.K. brand, founded in London. Our products are a leader in the “Antibacterial Toothbrush” segment in the U.K. for three years in a row.

Nano-b antibacterial toothbrushes have 100% sell-through rate.

Nano-b products were named best manual toothbrushes for 2020 in Germany by